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Sovereign Fire and Security

Sovereign Fire and Security

Client: Sovereign Fire and Security
Industry: Fire, life safety, and security systems
Location: Headquarters in Bristol, operating across the UK and internationally
Company Size: Large fire and security company serving major commercial clients and residential needs
Sovereign Fire and Security is a well-respected company known for installing and maintaining highly effective fire, life safety, and security systems. Since its modest beginnings in the early 1990s, Sovereign has grown to provide top-tier services, securing prestigious contracts with blue-chip companies across the UK and undertaking specialist international security projects.

In late 2022, Sovereign faced significant challenges in providing support for their automatic door systems, a critical component of their business. These challenges impacted their day-to-day operations and posed potential risks to their customers. Sovereign needed a reliable provider of maintenance and installation support to address their immediate issues and ensure ongoing reliability.

Westcoast Perimeter Security (WPS) partnered with Sovereign to provide comprehensive support for barriers, gates, and automatic doors. WPS’s professional tendering process helped design new projects, and their efficient reactive support addressed issues quickly and effectively.

Sovereign required a partner with expertise and a robust national support network. WPS’s ability to deliver reliable maintenance and installation services across the country made them the ideal choice. Our comprehensive support ensured that Sovereign’s automatic door systems remained fully operational, allowing Sovereign to focus on their core business.

• Installation: Implementing barriers, gates, and automatic doors across various sites.
• Maintenance: Ongoing support to ensure systems are safe, compliant, and fully operational.
• Reactive support: Quick response to address any issues, minimising downtime and operational disruptions.

We provided a tailored solution to meet Sovereign’s specific needs. Our national support network and expertise in automatic door systems ensured that Sovereign could maintain high standards of safety and security without interruption. Our proactive approach in designing and implementing new projects further enhanced Sovereign’s capabilities.

Our partnership with Sovereign Fire and Security demonstrates our ability to deliver reliable and comprehensive solutions for complex needs. By addressing immediate challenges and providing ongoing support, we significantly contributed to Sovereign’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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What The Client Had To Say...

Andrew Coole, Head of Customer Relations & Service at Sovereign Fire and Security, shared his experience:

“Our company faced significant challenges with our automatic doors support side of our business. We had challenges with providing support to our ever-growing business within the automatic door industry. These problems impacted our day-to-day operations and posed potential risks to our customers. We needed a solution that could not only address our immediate issues but also provide reliable ongoing support.

That’s when we partnered with WPS, and the difference was remarkable. They offered us comprehensive support across the country, ensuring that our automatic door side of our business had no loose of support to our customers. Through their professional tendering process, they helped us design new projects and provided excellent reactive support, addressing any issues quickly and efficiently.

With WPS, we no longer worry about our automatic door support. Their expertise and national support network have been invaluable, allowing us to focus on our core systems our engineers are trained to support. We’re grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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Sovereign Fire and Security
Sovereign Fire and Security
Sovereign Fire and Security
Sovereign Fire and Security


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